Up until now all the speculations about the sex of “alien” baby were completely unfounded. Yeah you heard me everything that was said up until now was nothing but a crap. This time we "know" for certain that they’re going to have a GIRL, I mean that’s at least what Access Hollywood claims on their site.

katie and tom baby news

Apparently the alien couple was spotted at   LA’s posh Petit Tresor boutique, buying baby goodies worth $20,000.  Goodies were clearly pointing that the baby is going to be a girl, according to the store’s co-owner, Samantha Winch.

Some of the things included: including nursery rhyme wallpaper, a nappy bag, a stuffed elephant and a teddy, as well as lots of designer girlish baby clothes.
Owner Nina Takesh added: "The bear was adored by Katie and Tom. And Katie can’t stop squeezing the elephant."