Wait a minute, I thought slavery was long gone. I guess not if you work for Mariah.

Is it just me or there are more of you out there who thinks that nowadays term “Personal assistant” stands for “Slave”. I mean take a look at Mariah. She has proven that so many times.

Mariah has a “personal assistant” who holds all the drinks for her. Go figure. Is she retarded? Mariah supped her drinks through a straw and wouldn’t even hold her beverages herself.

But that’s not all she has a special “assistant” who’s job is to keep her skirts from "touching the floor."
According to US reports, the worker’s other duties include carrying a designer Luis Vuitton backpack filled with bottled water so Mariah never goes thirsty and making sure the “princess”  is constantly comfortable.

mariah slavery

photo:hollywood rag