Teri opens up and explains to the audience at Oprah what went wrong with her and Seacrest. So what really happened and were they really dating?

Teri Hatcher kissing Ryan Seacrest

Teri: “It was our third date, but it was our first alone. We went to this shacky place, way way outside of L.A…”

Oprah: “How did the paparazzi get there?”

Teri: I have no idea, but interestingly enough I haven’t seen him since that day.”

Oprah: “Not a word since then? What did he say? What did he say when the pictures came out?”

Teri: “The pictures came out three days later. We knew they had been taken. It must’ve bothered him though — bothered him enough that an hour after they were taken he called and said ‘I don’t think I can do this with you.’”

Oprah: “He did? Why?”

Teri: “I don’t know.”

Oprah: “Was it because you were too high profile?”

Teri: “It was because I ate too much lobster. [laughs] No you’d have to ask him.”