Most of the women find going to the gynecologist very uncomfortable, but some doctors have find a solution for that. They’ve put posters of Bread Pitt and George Clooney all over the examination room ceiling to help them relax during gynecological checks.

brad pitt photo george clooney photo

The clinics at Leigh Infirmary, Wigan is offering expectant mothers to ‘lie back’, ‘relax’ and ‘concentrate’ on hunks like Pitt and Clooney, while they go through the intimate process of their pregnancy check-ups.

Doctors say the aim of this is to help woman forget were they are and to take off their minds of the procedures so they can examine them properly.

"There used to be a poster of a polar bear up there, but then some patients said they would like to see pictures of men,"the Daily Mail quoted a spokesperson for Wigan’s NHS Trust, as saying.