Isn’t this like the second time I hear that George Michael falls asleep while driving?
He was on his way home, on Thursday night, from God knows were, and while he was waiting for the green light he decided to take a nap for a while. Of course the trouble started when couple of traffic lights changed and he didn’t move at all. Other drivers went completely crazy and one of them started tapping on his window. Poor Michael woke up and by the look of his face you can see he was in another universe or something.

george michael drunk and sleepy

The driver tells British newspaper the News Of The World,

“He was sweating heavily and had his iPod on. That’s probably why he didn’t hear all the angry tooting behind him. He got going again but was weaving all over the place. Then he hit a bollard. I doubt he even noticed it. He looked wasted. He just drove on."

Poor wreck.