Wooo..Taylor!!!! Wooo..

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If you didn’t catch last night American Idol to see who got to be the winner you can get your lowdown here.

As you can see the new American Idol is Taylor. Honestly I was little surprise by this, I thought Katharine was gonna be the one.

Soul Patrol!" he shouted, acknowledging his avid fans by their nickname. "I’m living the American dream," he added as he closed out the show with a performance of "Do I Make You Proud."

american idol finale photos

Before the announcement Seacrest said “More than 63 million votes were cast, "more than any president in the history of our country has received”.

Like always the show hit the ratings with more than 28 million viewers, it’s like 14% more than last year.

This year they started their first annual "Golden Idol Awards" As no-one else was doing it. The first category was outstanding female vocal, they showed three terrible singers and Princess Brewer won that award, Ryan said that she wasn’t crazy enough to take more abuse from American Idol and wasn’t there to recieve the award.

The second category was Outstanding Male Vocal. They showed the nominations of guys singing. The winner of this category was of course Dave Hoover. Ryan started saying that even Dave was not crazy enough to come and while he is saying that Dave runs onto the stage, being his outrageous self, eventually someone puts the award behind him and runs off the stage, then a few seconds later they broke away to commercials, which probably involved the security convincing Dave to remove himself off the stage again.

dave hoover outstanding male vocal american idol

Another category of the idol awards was a special award in honor of Randy, The Jackson award. This was to honour the most vocal contestant ( talking, not singing!).

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The person receiving this award was of course Rhonetta Johnson. Ryan said that Rhonetta couldn’t be there because she was "working" He added that he’s just saying what the producers told him to say.
It was followed by a "live" feed with Rhonetta standing on a street where she used her usual swearing first saying she didn’t want it, then discovering that it actually looked nice and she probably could sell it for a lot of money then thanking and eventually attacking the producer at the other end while they cut out. It was meant to be funny, and it was hilarious.

More photo from last night event coming up:

american idol finale photos american idol finale photos

american idol finale photos american idol finale photos

american idol finale photos american idol finale photos

american idol finale photos

Some celebs who watched the show:

american idol finale photos american idol finale photos