I’ve seen photos of Beyonce on the premiere of her new film Dreamgirls on Friday and have to tell you she does look much better. I’m not one of those who will promote sceletor looks, but I really think she looked way much better than before.

beyonce cannes film festival Dreamgirls premiere photos beyonce cannes film festival Dreamgirls premiere photos

Beyonce actually admitted she lost 20 Lbs for her new role in Dreamgirls. She said she was inspired by Tom Hanks in the Castaway and wanted to be “more than just hair and make up”. She claims it was all her decision and not the producer’s idea.

"The director (Bill Condon) actually kept telling me to ‘eat, eat, eat’ for continuity, but I really wanted to go all the way. I was inspired by Tom Hanks. He did it all the way (in Castaway), so I said, I can do it all the way!"

Seems like more and more people are inspired in loosing weight these days.  You know I posted some photos of Janet after she lost tremendous amount of fat and recently she did a cover for US Weekly. Her abs are back to what they’ve always looked like.

Janet Jackson US Weekly cover