matt damon luciana bozan expecting a child

I didn’t now Luciana Bozan is pregnant. I’ve read on couple of places she is about to deliver soon, as the matter of fact in next few weeks. It has been sad it’s a girl and Matt and Luciana have already picked a name (and no it doesn’t fall under ‘weird baby names’ category), Isabella.

A quick reminder: Matt Damon met Luciana Bozan on the set for the movie ‘Stuck on you’ back in 2003. They got married at New York City Hall in December, when Matt also became a stepfather of Luciana’s 8 year old girl.

Even tho I would prefer to be on Luciana’s place, I would like to congratulation to a happy couple. Congrats!

UPDATE: On Sunday evening Luciana gave birth to lovely girl, Isabella, to read more click to the link bellow.

Matt becomes a daddy!