While the world is patiently waiting for the “most beautiful baby” photo to appear it looks like we don’t have to be that patient anymore. Some say portrait of Shiloh, Brad and Angie was leaked yesterday by British gossip tabloid magazine Hello!

Hello will print the photo in this Thursday issue on the cover off course.  The source told Digital Spy:

"We were sequestered in separate offices. The photos were shown to us around 10pm to midnight and then we had to submit bids by 6am Sunday morning. No-one got any sleep. It was a manic game of phone tag."

People have already purchase the right to publish the photo and it will be on sale this Friday.

"Our readers have followed Angelina Jolie's pregnancy with much anticipation," People managing editor Larry Hackett said in a statement. "We're happy that they'll see these photos in People."

No representatives wanted to comment on this but I’ve found this announcement on their online web site.

shiloh jolie pitt photo hello magazine
In the meanwhile People is showing this photo to be Shiloh Pitt.

shiloh jolie pitt photo in people

Is this just jet another fake photo or not is jet to be seen. I guess this weekend is going to be very exciting.