The National Enquirer cover 

I know you are sick of Angie and Shiloh and Brad and Namibia and the whole that thing, but I’m just amazed how far some gossip columnist can go. I’ve read so many BS over the past couple of days from “Jen’s phone call to Brad got blocked by Angie” or Angie dreading to return to US because of paparazzi and Jennifer Aniston, but no.1 of them all would be: Brad Pitt may not be the father, says Angelina Jolie”, published by The National Enquirer. 
The story goes like this:

Angelina Jolie has been struggling with the most explosive Hollywood secret ever! Brad Pitt may not be the father of her newborn daughter, a source tells The Enquirer!
Sources tell the mag that Angelina told pals she slept w/another man before getting pregnant, and now is worried that Brad may not be the baby daddy! Throughout her entire pregnancy sources say she suffered quietly after doing the math that lead her to fear Brad might not be the father. Now Angie fears about losing her man and desperately wants to keep him away from his ex Jennifer. If Angie has it her way, they'll be packing it up and living in France for years to come!”

Now you tell me were do we draw the line, does one even exist?