paris hilton new album k fed inspires usa troopes 

This is really funny. Why would USA military buy 50,000 copies of her new album? Does her music inspire them more?
Hmm? Wait a minute, I got it. It’s got to be some subliminal messages hiding behind those horrible lyrics. I have no other explanation to this.

Music is a very powerful instrument,” said General Raichen. “Not only will we set up speakers in the insurgent hotbeds with Paris’ music blasting, but we will also airdrop CDs in the hopes that the insurgents will be curious enough to play the album and blow themselves up in their homes before killing any innocent people.”

But this is not all it gets even better:
General Raichen says the initial plans called for U.S. warplanes to airdrop Kevin Federline’s upcoming album “Playing with Fire” on the insurgents.

“We wanted to strike the militants with the Federline album, but then things got complicated,” said Gen. Raichen. “The United Nations had the album tested, and they quickly determined that Federline’s music falls under the Geneva Protocol of 1925, and is now considered a biological weapon and a chemical weapon. We were prohibited from using it on the insurgents.”

Can't even think what would've happened if they would actually listen to K-Fed.