Rumor or not, I have no idea, but some say Ashanti is pregnant. Somehow people at MediaTakeOut found out about this. Some gossip columnists have already speculating this for a couple of months. If this turns out to be true she is in her forth month pregnancy.

Probably the no.1 question now is “Who is the ‘lucky’ guy? Some say it’s Nelly but then again there are some who think its Irv Gotti. This would be no surprise as we all know what a cheater Irv is. The man actually admitted couple of times he was cheating on his wife, and let’s not forget this wouldn’t be the first time he was linked to Ashanti. My instincts are telling me it’s Irv Gotti. I mean something got to come out off all those long hours and sleepless nights at the studio.

ashanti pregnant irv gotti pregnant