Britney has decided she don’t want her new baby to be born in USA. And guess what country she picked? NAMIBIA!? There are so many counties out there, why would you wanna go to Namibia, I mean couldn’t she think of anything more original? This girl has ruined her carrier as far as I’m conserned. This is nothing but poor and pathetic attempt to get some publicity and to reconcile with that retarded husband of hers.

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This is not official yet but Deputy Environment and Tourism Minister Leon Jooste said officials have received an inquiry on her behalf.

"She has shown interest to come over to Namibia," Jooste said by telephone from a conference in neighboring South Africa. "Nothing has been confirmed yet, but there is a definite possibility of that happening.  She wants to come in very low profile and have some privacy. She might change her mind if we reveal too much now."