Don’t you just love when celebs deny their relationships and then they get caught making complete full of themselves?

Take a look of Nick and Vanessa for example. Couple of weeks ago Nick was on TRL and Vanessa was like: So Nick what do you say about this rumor of us being together?” and Nick was like: Oh man I mean it’s a complete nonsense, people will just believe everything they read.”

Nick and Vanessa Minnillo photos

I’m not sure about reading but if I see you two getting cozy inside that pool, now that’s something different. One thing is not clear to me, why not just say: “Yeah we are together so what!”
There are some other photos of them being all over each other but, damn, I couldn’t find them. I’ll have to dig up some more but I assure you when I find them it’s gonna be all over, full size Tongue out