The latest news on Angelina’s adoption mania is, she’s about to adopt non other than the entire Wayans Brother family. 

angelina jolie to adopt wayans brothers

I saw Marlon Wayans in the trailer for the movie ‘Little Man,’ and he looked so adorable,” said Jolie.“I found out he has brothers, so I decided to get the whole bunch.”

I liked Marlon comment on this one:

“I’m not sure if Angelina realizes that I’m a full-grown man or not,” said Marlon .“Either way, it doesn’t bother me. Have you seen the cans on her? I’ve been telling everyone that Angelina Jolie is going to be my mommy! Can you believe that?”


little man Wayans brother angelina adoption

It doesn’t make any sense to me,” said a friend of Jolie’s who wished to remain anonymous. “At first, she was making some meaningful decisions for her adoptions. But now I think she’s just adopting for the sake of adopting. Last week, she saw a commercial for Quizno’s with that Baby Bob character, and she’s already started the paperwork for the adoption.”

Jolie is also reportedly interested in adopting singer Babyface, and she will travel to New Jersey next week to adopt a one mile stretch of the Garden State Parkway.

“It’s only a mile long,” said Jolie’s spokesperson. “And she wants to nurture this little section of the Parkway. She’s already talking about building a new rest area. Angelina just gives and gives and then she gives some more.”