Damn’ just when you think there was going to be some juicy gossip there and some interesting stuff that I we could all share with each other, as always something  needs to go wrong. And who else could it be but JLO.

jlo ojani noa case ojani noa jlo case

She ruined it all.  Jennifer won the injunction which bans her ex hubby Ojani Noa, from publishing a revealing book about his marriage with her. He was gonna go into details promising to its readers some unrevealing stuff about Jennifer. He has now agreed to preliminary injunction which bans him from publishing anything about JLO their marriage and most of all their sex life.

I think Noa was kinda stupid when he revealed his plan in the first place it that article that was published in New York Post back in January. I mean if he would have told people after the book was published I would get a hold on it and we could all laugh and make funny comment on JLO.

Oh well I guess I’m gonna have to wait someone else to do it. And when I say someone else I don’t mean Mark, he’s doesn’t have the guts for something like that.