I’m sure that at one point of your life you felt like all you ever do is just working and you barely have the time to breathe, not to mention for something else. Well Keira is feeling just the same at this moment, or at least that’s what gossipers are saying.

Keira Knightleyis so scared of waking up one day in her mid 50’s realizing that she wasted most of her life working and not having any time to experience what the real life is.  To make sure this doesn’t happened she announced she’ll be taking some time off filming and go traveling for a year with her friends.

Keira Knightley taking time off

Recently I’ve came across this picture were you can see Keira is walking bare foot, at the time I thought she was nuts but now I know it’s all part of her “experience of what the real life is and trying new stuff”.  Good luck with that.
Source: Splash news online