jennifer aniston angelina jolie “A Mighty Heart” role 

Brad Pitt decided to ditch Jen and give Angie the leading role of Marian Pearl, the wife of murdered American journalist Daniel Pearl, in “A Mighty Heart. Jen was originally to play Marian but things went down hill when Brad and Jen divorced. Even tho Brad said couple of times the divorce would not influence their business relationship, looks like he changed his mind. I can imagine what a disappointment this was for Jen as she hoped this role would get her an Oscar.

"A Mighty Heart” is Mariane Pearl’s agonizing account of her husband’s 2002 kidnapping by Pakistani militants, who later broadcast his execution on the Internet. “I am delighted that Angelina Jolie will be playing my role in the adaptation of my book,” Pearl said yesterday. “I deeply admire her work and what she is committed to.” Pitt kept rights to the film after breaking up Plan B, the production company he founded with Aniston. He took “Heart” and other titles to Paramount, while Aniston remained at Warner Bros. “The film will focus on the deep collaboration between people around the world in search of Daniel in 2002,” Pitt said in a statement yesterday. “We hope the film can increase understanding between people of all faiths and portray the story and the people involved as honestly as possible without anger or judgment."