There’s a lot of hoopla going round Scientology center in Hollywood at the moment. Something big is on the way. We off course speculate it could be TomKat’s wedding, but after some digging on the internet it turns out it’s just some Gala event that’s happening on the 5th. Witnesses have seen TomKat made their appearance couple of times this week and one of them was with mysterious, and yet non existent, baby Suri. Apparently Katie Holmes arrived in Scientology Center with a baby in her arms and tons of bodyguards.  And again no photos. Damn you paparazzi.

So much for the wedding, I doubt it’s ever going to happen.

Tom Cruise to buy Neverland

In the meantime Tom is keen to buy Neverland from Jacko. Does he realize what mark he’ll have in Hollywood if he’s to make this move? I mean c’mon, you can’t be serious, buying the Neverland? I’m sure the property is nice but still, would you want to raise your kid there? I wouldn’t.