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I’ve got an email this morning from Prime Time Celebrity Tips Network saying Angelina Jolie turned over possessive of Brad Pitt.  Personally I think it’s yet another gossip story but I’m going to post it here and let you have your say about it.

Has new mother Angelina Jolie turned over possessive of Brad Pitt? The tough-talking vixen who refused marriage proposals is either showing her true colors or doing a 180 .

Angelina is reported to be keeping a track of Brad Pitt's whereabouts and is monitoring his every move while he is filming 'Ocean's Thirteen' in Los Angeles. Some friend of Angelina was quoted as saying, "Angie is suffering a little from the baby blues but she's been extra stressed since Brad left, asking friends to report back on his every move and sometimes calling him up to 10 times a day.

Ms Jolie is presently staying in their Malibu mansion with Shiloh and their two adopted children, Maddox and Zahara.

Brad Pitt says that Angelina Jolie needs to stop treating him like a kid and relax, but Angelina has been telling friends she's unhappy because they talked about not working for a year after Shiloh was born.