ocean's 13 on the set brad pitt zahara maddox

No they haven’t hired a nanny yet. Couple of rumors were flying around Brangelina and their attempt to  poach a nanny from a well-known family in Los Angeles. According to this they still haven’t got one yet. That’s why Brad take his kids to the Warner Bros. studio were he is filming Ocean's 13. He drops them off at the day care center, while he goes off to work… or play.

Some are saying that on the WB lot there's a stage that has been designated as the private poker room for director Steven Soderbergh, George, Brad, etc. To gain entry, you need a key and a code. No one other than the big stars are allowed in — not even the bigwigs at the studio! If they're not a biggie on the cast, it's invite only.

I wonder if Matt Damon is playing high-stakes poker while he’s kid is in day care? If so I’m changing career.