lindsay lohan paris hilton fight 

What I'm about to tell you all is "right from the owen"type of gossip. I think everybody by now know how Paris and Lindsay love each other. It all started with that fire crotch thing. Since than Lindsay is seeking for revenge and it looks like she might got one.

Last night in one of the clubs in L.A. Lindsay and Paris got in to a real cat fight. Believe it or not the argument started over the outfit, who is wearing better outfit. ?!? I’m not even gonna start on this one.

Anyway, Paris swong the first fist and it was on for about 10-15 seconds before security were able to break up the fight. After the little fight in the club, both of them were caught on camera disrespecting each other's work.

Lohan was quoted saying,

"The only good thing she has put out for everyone to see is her pu**y."

Paris replied with:

"Lindsay's a stupid bitch, that red freckeled whore needs to go back to her moms v**ina where she belongs."

No need to explain this quote any further.