59 annyual Emmy award review

Although it allegedly aired live on Sunday, Gossip or Truth has discovered that the Emmy Awards were actually taped in May. Yes in May. What a scam!

The Emmys aired a month earlier than normal to accommodate NBC’s new NFL lineup.

“Getting stars to show up to the Emmy Awards is hard enough at any time, let alone in August when they know nobody is watching TV. August is a terrible time of the year for television. When NBC pushed the show back, we knew we had to tape this thing earlier because celebrities aren’t going to interrupt their vacations or rehab just for the prestige of an Emmy,” admitted Dick Askin, Chairman of the Television Academy.

The biggest problem in all this was not keeping the winners confidential, but making sure other TV stations will cover the whole event. I think Emmy is really going down. As far as I see it next year it won’t be any Emmys. There have even been some rumors of re-running the past shows instead of making new one.

"I put a lot of effort into keeping the winners secret, but it turned out nobody even tried to find out,” said Askin. Our main problem was that NBC’s scheduling department kept thinking the night was empty and wanted to burn off the remaining episodes of ‘Joey.’ They also told us we should do the Emmys just as a podcast. So our lawyers had to remind the network that it has a contractual obligation to air our ceremony in primetime.”

Heh, this is really funny.

p.s. I’m not planning on posting anything that's not fresh and exclusive, therefore there will not be any photos from this event, especially since it's couple of months old. For those of you who haven’t got the chance to see it on Tivo but would like to see some reviews, even tho is fake, here are couple of sites to visit:

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