Tom Cruise Paramount feud news and updates

After last week’s humiliations in Paramount offices, it looks like somebody still likes Tom after all. Some of the actors in Hollywood took Tom’s side and criticized Paramount for making this decision. Here is couple of quotes.
“Look at people like Colin Farrell. He acts much more strangely and nobody’s dumping him.”
Aisha Tyler
 “It’s so ridiculous. Why would you fire Tom Cruise?”
Debi Mazar
“It’s only fair that this should happen to movie stars that pull down $80 million a movie.”
John Lithgow
 “I like that Sumner Redstone just went at him balls-out. That crazy old nutbag will say anything.”
Kathy Griffin
 “Tom is a megastar…He just had a baby, and that is what he should be focused on.”
Leah Remini

Heh and I thought Tom was the kind of person only his mom can love.