Prison Break Season two, Wentworth Miller

Have you guys watched last episode of Prison Break? I’m totally hooked up on this and have to say every time I watch it, it’s even more intense. And Wentworth Miller? He deserves post for itself.

Here's last night recap, borrowed from Just Jared, for those of you who didn't have the chance to watch it.

"Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes…the one thing that each and every con makes in this episode. C-Note makes the mistake of calling his wife at home from a public pay phone. Too bad his mistake of escaping from prison means that his wife might turn him in. Sucre steals a car in an attempt to get to Maricruz before she marries Hector. Michael makes the mistake of not only leaving his backpack in the car, but seeing Nika as well for reinforcements.

Wentworth Miller Prison Break season two, photos  

All these missteps and Mahone still is not much closer to catching any of the eight. And where is Haywire? I’m beginning to think he got away. Our lovely doctor gets arrested but once again Daddy makes bail. And in political news, Governor Tancredi will soon be the Vice President of the United States. Do I smell conspiracy? Sara agrees to go rehab where Agent Kellerman is keeping a watchful eye under the instructions of the POTUS. Where art thou President Reynolds?'

Wentworth Miller Prison Break season two

Despite Michael’s somewhat ingenious plan to fake his and Lincoln’s death, it still was not foolproof. The “scan” on his wrist actually provided route and radio scanner information for the car explosion. On a side note, I absolutely adored the sibling behavior with Michael and Lincoln joking in the car and Michael suggesting who should manually set off the explosion, “rock, paper, scissors?”

Wentworth Miller Prison Break season two set photos

All the elaborate plans and their plans are still foiled when Bellick and Geary follow Nika straight to the brothers."

There were some spoilers for next weeks episode, but since I'm not a spoiler, you won't be reading it here. Check out Just Jared for that one.