paris hilton busten on a DUI last night confesses to Ryan Seacrest, interview 

Who do you turn to for trying to defend yourself without having to answer a lot of questions? Rayan Seacrest of course. The guy is so boring and stupid that all celebs are going to him for all sorts of confessions knowing they won’t be having  millions of tricky questions thrown back at them.  This is exactly what happened to miss Paris Hilton after being busted on a DUI in Hollywood last night. She called “On the Air with Ryan Seacrest” bright and early Thursday morning to explain herself.

Ryan Seacrest: "Paris, what happened?"
Paris Hilton: "You know what? It was nothing. I've been shooting my new music video for my new song 'Nothing in This World.'"
RS: "So, you're shooting those full days. Because when you do a music video its like a 24 hour day."
PH: "Yeah. I got off last night at 10 p.m. So then I went and had dinner with my sister and all my girlfriends and then we went to this charity event that Dave Navarro threw for brain tumors."
PH:: "And I had one margarita. Starving 'cause I had not ate all day. On my way to In 'N Out, which is probably three blocks away. And I'm in my SLR, which is a little fast…So maybe I was speeding a little bit
[Laughs]. And I got pulled over…. I was just really hungry and I wanted to have an In 'N Out burger!
RS: "So they pull you over, which the cops have done many, many times and what'd they say to you?"
PH: "They just said, 'You were driving fast.'"
RS: "But then LAPD, the Hollywood division, took you in?"
PH: "Yeah. There was a lot of paparazzi around so I think they were trying to make a statement. And they even said, "You know, there's people watching. We don't want them to think we're giving special treatment."
Female radio cohost: "It's the lead story! It's before the President. You were before the President!"
PH: "Oh my goodness. Everything I do is blown out of proportion. It really hurts my feelings."
Female radio cohost: "Did you ever get the burger? I don't think you did!"
PH: "No and I had some pancakes just now that I cooked so that made up for it."
RS: "So just to be clear, because a lot of people are going to see this story today, there is no DUI charge for Paris Hilton? I mean, that's the bottom line — no charge."
PH: "Yeah. They were really nice and it was cool and they understood that I had been working all day."
RS: "They got all these photographers outside your house when you were coming home from the police department and I got to tell you, you looked pretty hot at that hour."
PH: "Thank you [Laughs]. For being up since 5 a.m. working all day, that's a big compliment!"

I might call Rayan for that incident I had last night. Hmm.. something to think about this weekend.