Tom Hanks is usually seen as Hollywood’s nice guy but this might not be all true, at least not according to his ex wife.

In newly unearthed court papers published in the upcoming bio "The Tom Hanks Enigma," by David Gardner, actress Susan Dillingham charges that Hanks harassed her and attempted to kill her career.

“My husband has repeatedly verbally abused and humiliated me during the past 90 days in my home. This caused me to suffer great emotional distress," Dillingham wrote an L.A. court in asking for a restraining order against Hanks. "[It's] designed to harass and upset me at a time when I should be focusing all of my energies on my job," she wrote in one legal missive.


Not only Tom was acting violent to his wife but it has been said that the Forest Gump character that Tom created could not be that original as we thought. In the book Gardner says that Tom’s brother Jim played a Forrest Gump-type character in a little-known soft-core sex flick two years before Tom created the role that won him an Oscar. In "Buford's Beach Bunnies," Jim invented the "now-famous jerky run associated with Forrest Gump" and, like Gump, showed a shy politeness toward women by calling them "ma'am," the author says.

Have to say this truly comes as a shocker to me, I guess we all have skeletons in the closet.

Source:Page Six