madrid fashion show bans skinny models 

Speaking of fashion I just ran into this interesting article. Top level fashion show in Madrid turned over ban overly thin models, saying they want to project the image of real beauty and health rather than trying to copy their rail-thin looks and developing eating disorders. Modeling agencies were outraged by this decision as this could raise the prospect of restrictions at other catwalk pageants.

"I think its outrageous, I understand they want to set this tone of healthy beautiful women, but what about discrimination against the model and what about the freedom of the designer," said Gould, Elite's North America director, adding that the move could harm careers of naturally "gazelle-like" models.

The Madrid show is using the body mass index or BMI — based on weight and height — to measure models. Under the Madrid ruling, models must have a BMI rating of around 18 or will be disqualified.

Don’t know about you but I totally support Madrid’s decision, the weight standards modeling agencies are setting up these days are affecting public way too much. Just look celebrities like Nicole Richie, Posh Spice etc. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying you should be fat, but some changes toward this madness have to happen.