ashton kutcher on jay leno show builds bar in bathroom 

Have you ever thought of building a bar in your own bathroom? My bathroom is so tiny I couldn’t even fit another closet I’m dying to have, but that’s, of course, not the case if you’re celebrity. You have the privilege of having those gigantic bathrooms, size of my whole apartment.

Being fed up with waiting for Demi to get ready for any kind of public appearance, Ashton decided to build a personal bar inside their bathroom.  Drinking a few bear or what ever gets under his hand would be handy in this kind of situations.

'It takes me like 15 minutes to get ready and she's got more complicated measures, there's shoes and the dress and the thing… It's like that dreaded, 'How do I look?' question that comes, and there's no right answer to that. You're just wrong. If you answer too fast it means you didn't really look.
"If it's too slow, it means you didn't like it. So it doesn't really matter what you say, you're just wrong. So I just drink a lot now. And it helps. I get more right the more I drink. It's like I hone in, 'Those shoes are great! Is that a wood sole, because it's beautiful!' It all works out."