Wentworth Miller Prison Break episode recap - Map 1213 

I’m little bit late this week with Prison Break coverage but still am bringing it to ya all.
Ok let’s see..

Mahone.. can this guy be more obnoxious? I think you would agree with me on the fact that restoring the 60% of a hard drive, that was previously lying at the bottom of a river bank, is little bit too much. At least in this episode we had the chance of finding out he’s got his own skeletons in the closet. I bet you Michael Scofield will run a deep check on this guy and use this against him at some point. And that birdbath is really starting to gets on my nerves. He keeps staring at it every episode.
Anyway thanks to the restored hard drive and his “brilliant mind”, Mahone figures out where the gang is heading to and why. Isn’t he a genius?

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On the other side, we got to see that Kellerman has some cooking skills, as he managed to get himself inside Sara’s apartment pretending he’s there just for the blueberry pie.  He even tells her that he has a life partner, so she doesn’t get the wrong idea. Just as the conversation started to heat up and Michael Scofield subject was on topic, Sara hears the door bell. It’s her father. As they continue their conversation in the kitchen, Kellerman takes his chance and starts looking around Sara’s apartment. He gets his hand on origami paper bird that Michael sends earlier in the episode. Discovers the hidden number, but we all know Michael is not kinda stupid to let it out in the open like that, besides, we already figured the real message is hidden in the dots of a crane.

Wentworth Miller Prison Break episode recap - Map 1213

After father and daughter make up, governor Tancredi actually looks at the Lincolns file and could be catching up on something.  Ups, that’s not a good sign… and can only mean one thing…another imminent death upon us.

Debra Jan (girl who agrees on giving a ride to Tweener) plays the good Samaritan and lets Tweener escape with her own car, minutes after she finds out of a police man her boy is wanted by the police.
Slowly the gang starts to reunite in Utah, the first one to get there is T-Bag who managed to get the old property map from municipality, which enables him to make sort of an alliance with Tweener and black mail Michael and Lincoln, as he becomes their map to the Westmoreland’s loot.

Wentworth Miller Prison Break episode recap - Map 1213

Together they find out that the place has been completely built over! What now?

Check out some of the brand new photos of Wentworth Miller and the rest of the crew as they film next weeks episode.

Wentworth Miller Prison Break episode recap - Map 1213 Wentworth Miller Prison Break episode recap - Map 1213

Wentworth Miller Prison Break episode recap - Map 1213