Oh this is so touchy, I wanna cry out of happiness. Paris called Nicole to wish her happy birthday. She must be in some bad trip or something as this happened just day after she make up with Lindsay.
According to this video, Paris was on her way to LAX (she’s traveling to Italy, God knows why, I just hope she’s not gonna become some fashion designer soon) when she called her (ex) friend Nicole to wish her happy birthday. Nicole was so in shock she couldn’t even pump up the gas on the station. I’m guessing she was thinking the same as I was: “Is this girl on crack or what?”

Of course it wouldn’t make it to the front page of all gossip blogs if it wasn’t done in front of the cameras.

What is this a make up week? Is there a holiday I’m not aware of, something like “forgive all your enemies” and stuff, otherwise you’ll have a bad year or something. Cause if that’s the case, I should make my list as we speak.

paris and nicole make up watch the  video