Haywire gets back on the screen,  as always he managed to get away the authorities and somehow police is not that interested in him as much as for the rest of the gang. They probably figure he’s crazy and easy to catch. Well not for what we’ve been seeing so far. Anyway, Mahone is being a smart ass again and manages to get into Cupper’s mind and miraculously figures out where the money is berried.

Sara receives crane no. 3 and tries to dial the number. Dead end. I think she kinda knows Snowflake is not that stupid to let it all out. Her father on the other hand discovers Lance is not what he portraits to be and warns Sara about it. Too bad Lance appears next to her in that same moment and she had to hang up the phone. Now the real question is will Lance be smart enough to figure something is wrong?

prison break Wenthworth Miller photos

The boys rendezvous in Tooele, Utah to find the silo where Westmoreland buried the money under. With help of T-Bag’s photo memory and Snowflake’s brilliant mind they figure where the money is berried. Inside the basement of a house. Lincoln comes up with a perfect plan to get inside.

prison break Wenthworth Miller photos

They send Tweener back to the city to get some electrician work cloths and tools but poor guy gets interrupt by some curious fella and as he tries to escape the situation,  forgets to fill the gas into the car. If only he could’ve avoided that one. When the crew sends him back for it, Mahone shows his smart ass and unfortunately catches Tweener.

prison break Wenthworth Miller photos

Meanwhile, Snowflake and his electrical crew locate the loot. Only a few digs and they get to take the money. Of course things went down the hill the minute T- Bag got little angry with Jeanette, and she ends up calling the police.

Just when I thought Prison Break got little boring they managed to get back to the old track. Who’s gonna wait another week now?
p.s. anybody knows what’s behind that europiangoldfinch.net thing?

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