michael jacson dressed as a woman

Either Michael has a fetish for dressing up as a woman or he just discovered new disguise tool for celebrities, change your sex and be invisible in public. If that’s the case than this is not working at all, I mean everybody knew it was Jacko, so I guess this leaves us to the first conclusion. Jacko likes wearing high heals and dresses. 

I wonder what his little girl was thinking about while daddy was wearing high heals? I bet his explanation was something like:
“Daddy has to make himself invisible, you know, so people won’t bother us honey. Don’t I look pretty? If you want daddy will do you make up?”

I thought that incident in January, when he was caught all dressed up in an abaya (traditional dress for Muslim woman) Bahrain, was one time thing. I thought ok so what, he entered woman’s bathroom by mistake, and besides we all know he wears make up on a daily basis, so catching Michael in woman’s toilet while he was applying make up wasn’t so dramatic to me. At the time, I have to say. But this now, puts a different spin to all this. I’m starting to think that wasn’t an incident at all. I mean how else could you explain this?

michael jackson dressed as a woman