sienna miller Pittsburg incident 

Sienna Miller has once again insulted the people of Pittsburgh just hours after making a public apology for calling the city "s***sburgh'.

I'm Sienna Miller the actress'. So what? You still need to give an ID before entering the club. That’s exactly what happened when Sienna wanted to go inside Folino, night club in Pittsburg. Actually the story goes like this:

Don Kovacs (nightclub security): Madam, you're going to need an ID to get in here.
Sienna Miller: 'Do you know who I am?
Don: No but you're going to need your ID.
Sienna: I'm Sienna Miller the actress
Don: 'I'm Dan Kovacs and I'm for real.
Sienna: 'I'm going to put down Folino's as the worst place and Pittsburgh people aren't anything.

This is what I call celebrities playing stupid act.