jennifer aniston denies spliting with Vince on Oprah 

Jennifer Aniston appeared on Oprah just the other day, and appeared to be somewhat delusional. She even said Vince and her are still together. If I remember correctly she wasn’t with him in the first place, remember all the denying? In fact she made it pretty clear that Vince and she are “still on.” and she are “still on.”

According to audience member Margaret Stent, Aniston also said that she hadn't gotten breast implants, as one tabloid recently reported, explaining that when she gains weight, it goes to her chest.
Before the taping, Winfrey and Jenn had dinner at the upscale French and Asian restaurant Japonais – which Aniston and Vaughn frequented while they were in Chicago filming The Break-Up in summer 2005.

Just the other day I heard form Conan O’ Brien it was a national Coming Out, or something like this, day, too bad Jenn didn’t use this opportunity to come out of her closet and finally be honest with us. She would’ve gain so much respect from everybody.