Katharine McPhee bulimia problems

Katharine is probably one of those girls that shouldn’t be hanging around Nicole. Anyone who ever does develop strange eating habits, in other words he/she becomes anorexic.
Katherine told recently to Star Magazine that Nicole can confide in her since Katharine battled bulimia herself for almost 5 years.

“Whether or not Nicole Richie seeks professional treatment for her weight issues, American Idol runner-up Katharine McPhee is offering the pin-thin starlet help — if she wants it. “I have sympathy and compassion for her,” McPhee, 22, who waged a 5-year battle with bulimia, told Star at the Carousel of Hope Ball on Oct. 28. “If she wants some extra support she can always call me.” It sounds like Nicole, 22, will need it: after checking into the Beau Monde treatment center on Oct. 26, the Simple Life star checked out less than 72 hours later after she was told she couldn’t go shopping. She might want to consider McPhee’s offer”.

Source: Star Magazine