Victoria Beckham published book That Extra Half An Inch

How pathetic you have to be to give yourself a "Lady" title? It’s another thing if public decide to call you like that and something completely different when you start demanding from people to do so.
Anyho, Lady Beckham, just published her book, That Extra Half An Inch, and was seen signing in Selfridges, in front of 3,000 fans. It’s not a shocker to me seeing her become a “writer”, even tho she once said she never read a book in her life. I mean these days anyone can write a book, take her hubby David as an example.

The book was described as, read carefully, “revealing and practical” guide to “fashion, beauty and style” were Lady Beckham “shares her secrets” on dressing for special occasions, accessorizing and making the most of your wardrobe.

Don’t know about you but, this definitely won’t hit my book shelf.
p.s. I can swear that this is the first photo were we can see her actually smiling, ok, she did cover her face with that book of hers but at least you can see there’s a little smile hiding behind it.