K-Fed concert in Chicago, video, reviews

Just days after the divorce breakout, K-Fed was heading to Chicago for, yet another, attempt to win over the crowd, this time screaming out loud: Ladies, I’m single again!

Such a pathetic move K-Fed, just because Eminem made a fortune from bitching about his ex wife, it doesn’t mean you can pull off the same thing. I mean think about it, besides that both of you are white what other common things you have? Talent – non, good looks – don’t even let me start about it, lyrics – don’t think so either. Even a handful of people who accepted the free tickets, that the organizers were giving away in Chicago, think you’re the worse thing they’ve ever seen. 

Like I said before, the only Red Carpet you’ll be walking on will be the one you left behind years ago – Red Carpet, Car Washing Service.

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