lindsay lohan calls Paris c*nt, video 

The story goes like this:

Paparazzi:Hi Lindsay, you look beautiful. Hi Lindsay… 
(sudden twist)
Lindsay:Paris is a c*nt!
Paparazzi: What? What did you say?
Lindsay: Paris is a c*nt!
Paparazzi: What did you say about Paris, please tell me, I need a story, pleeeseee.
Lindsay: Paris is my good friend…. Yes that’s what I just said.

But the interesting part is what Paris publicist had to say.
“ I choose to hear Lindsay’s second comment”, no comments were made on the first one.

Wow, avoiding the scandal, hmm that’s so not like something Paris would do. I bet she’s gonna pick another boy toy of hers to say something nasty about this. Do you think this boy toy can be K-Fed, I mean the man would do anything to sell his tickets.