denise richards laptop incident

Any thoughts about what you'll get when combining these three? I bet your answer wouldn’t be injured old lady in a wheel chair, not one, but two. Unfortunately, this is the correct answer.

Denise Richards totally lost it on Wednesday, when a bunch of paparazzi came near the set of Blonde and Blonder, her new movie that is being filmed in Vancouver with Pam Anderson as a co star. What she did is not something that we haven’t seen celebrities done in the past, but what came out of it, is what makes it interesting.

Upset by paparazzo’s “harassment” she grabbed the laptop from one of them and threw it over an interior second floor balcony, hitting two elderly ladies. Ouch! Not to mention the fact that one of them is 80 years old and her friend is 91. Luckily no one was pressing charges against Denise, but the whole thing is still under police investigation.

It seems nobody cares about these two old ladies as all Denis’s publicist had to say is:

“Based on the actions of the paparazzi, they are lucky their laptops are the only things that were tossed over the balcony," Richards' publicist told People magazine.”


Now I know the guy is just truing to earn his salary here, but please people, show some compassion.