jessica simpson and a male prostitute

How often do you visit online matchmaker? One, two times a month, never? Jessica Simpson however does, can’t tell you exactly how many times per week but according to this article she’s been there quite a few times. Here’s a reconstruction of that event.

Jess goes online desperately looking for someone to date her, as we all know no one wants to. With the IQ of a used condom and creepy father, who would? So she look through the data base and see one possible candidate, he’s cute, not a celebrity, could be the real shot. Next thing you know Jess is setting up a meeting with the guy, but.. yeah there is a big BUT, it turns out the guy is a male escort, and he was only interested in a 'professional transaction'. Go figure. Hahaha

Jessica was horrified and told him to go to hell," says a pal. "She wasn't that desperate."
She doesn't tell guys on the Web she's famous and loaded with money. She comes over as this shy, retiring Texan girl. She quite enjoyed … the chance to flirt and be herself. "She never imagined male hookers would be trying to cash in on the service," says an insider. "It's turned her off the Web — and that was her main hobby."?

Source: Ninemsn