michael jackson has a stalker

Believe it or not, Jacko Wacko is still very popular and there are actually people who are crazy about him. He has his stalker, Melanie, who is bombarding him with like 100 letters per day. But don’t get fooled by that name, Melanie is a man – drag queen.  Daily Star reports:

“This person is plaguing his life and has sent some seriously dodgy letters. They are from a man who works as a drag queen in the seedy Kings Cross area of Sydney, Australia. The content is eerie to say the last and this person is seemingly obsessed with Michael. He writes all kinds of things, saying he knows Michael and wants to marry him. He tells Michael he needs to marry him. Michael has been having problems sleeping because of this guy."

Jacko is currently under heavy security and wears bullet proof vest whenever he hits the streets. Let’s hope Melanie won’t get to crazy about Jacko, so this vest won’t come into play.
This doesn’t surprise me at all, everyone knows he looks more like a female that a man, so the fact that he attract a man is nothing new to me. 

Source: BritBoy