Probably the next big paparazzi hunt would be getting the photos of a Brangelina’s wedding. I bet seeing Angie wearing white dress and exchanging rings with Brad would be a possible gold mine for every paparazzo.

Since this is not happening any time soon (maybe), Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas decided to recreate one. This, however, raised the eyebrows of some people, including Brangelina’s representative, Cindy Guagenti:

"I personally found it a little odd that they were re-creating a wedding that never really happened," Cindy Guagenti, Los Angeles-based spokeswoman for Pitt told the Associated Press. "As Brad's representative, I found it disturbing."

Later on, Adrian Jones, general manager of the wax museum said in a statement, the museum will not create the wedding scene as they have chosen to honor Guagenti’s request.
So there you go people, no wedding for Brangelina, not even the waxed one. That’s what I call braking the boundaries of the “old world”.

In the meanwhile, Angie couldn’t care less about all this crap, and decided to go to Ol’ MecDonalds to catch up on some fries, soda and old time I’m loving it burger.

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