Madona ready to adopt again 

Just days after the press cooled off her controversy adoption, Madge is ready to adopt again, saying she would like David to have a sister.

'I'm going to adopt another Malawian child very quickly. A baby girl this time, in order to redress the balance.'

Doesn’t he have Lourdes to play that part? Anyway, the story continues:
Madge would also like to “to open her children's 'minds to the rest of the world' and she would take Lourdes and Rocco,  to Africa to pick out a suitable sister.” I hope she didn’t use the fraise “to pick” when making this statement, as I can already see the press storm on the way if that’s the case.

She remains adamant that she has saved his life because he had pneumonia when she first met him.

She also said:

'After some time, I intend to return David to his home so that he can get to know his biological father and so that he can discover his homeland.'

In the meanwhile, a committee of human rights groups from Malawi is getting together a legal case against the adoption which it will present to a Malawi court next week.