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If you could play any character in literature, whom would you play?
Well, if we can expand the definition of literature to include comic books, I'd definitely love a crack at General Zod from "Superman.So I'm hoping that Bryan Singer makes a sequel to the "Superman" that's coming out and casts me.

What five people in history do you admire?
I've always had an interest in the English novelists from the 1800s, which is why I became an English major. Charles Dickens, William Thackeray, Jane Austen, the Brontes. I have a very romantic, tragic vision of these people scribbling away in some attic only to be really appreciated after their demises.

Prison Break, Wentworth Miller latest news and photos Prison Break, Wentworth Miller latest news and photos

You're a well-educated man—do you ever regret not taking your knowledge into another career?
Acting is in my heart of hearts.

How do you feel about being a heartthrob?
It's neither here nor there. If it opens a few doors for me, I'm willing to go along on that ride.

Do you cook?
That's really about the extent of it. Actually, I do have one dish I can make—spaghetti with meat sauce. I thought I was so clever the day I decided to add a can of salsa to a jar of Prego to make a kind of Mexican-Italian Bolognese sauce. I thought it was great. My friends didn't agree.

What "type" were you in school?
A lot of slashes: nerd/jock/artist/newspaper geek. I was many things, and so didn't really fit in anywhere.

Do you see yourself settling down with a nice girl and having children?
Right now, my work comes first. I'm a workaholic, which is the sad truth of it. I did manage to go on a couple of dates over the past year, but I'm happiest when I'm on set, so I really need to get all of that out of my system before I can really turn my attention to more personal matters.

Prison Break, Wentworth Miller latest news and photos Prison Break, Wentworth Miller latest news and photos

Rumor has it you sponsored a cat shelter. True?
Not true. I'm the last person to start a cat shelter, seeing as I'm deathly allergic to them. Unfortunately, I'm allergic to all animals and even some people. There was a scene where I had to give Dominic Purcell a hug—you know, a touching embrace between the brothers—and at the end of the night I had a rash on my neck. I got a lot of teasing on that.

You were a member of Princeton University's a capella Tigertones. Any chance we'll see you in musical roles?
I'd love to. Not necessarily on stage, maybe on the big screen. I haven't sung—sang?— in 10 years, and it would take a lot of training to get my voice back to something remotely presentable. So it's a pipe dream at this point.

If you could have one superhero power, what would you choose?
I wish I could control the weather. I've been suffering in Chicago for the last year and am facing an additional six months there.

What TV shows do you watch?
I buy the DVDs: Curb Your Enthusiasm, Nip/Tuck and the first season of NewsRadio, because I think Phil Hartman was a genius. When I did watch live TV, I was a big fan of the Law & Orders. Sam Waterston was a personal inspiration, because there was a time I bought into the mentality that success in Hollywood meant feature films. I remember spending a weekend watching Law & Order, and Sam Waterston blew me away, episode after episode. I thought, "There's amazing work being done in every facet of this business, and to listen to my agents and refuse to go out for TV, I'm being a fool."

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