pam and kid rock divorce details 

In case you’re interested in this topic, here’s the latest development.

It has been said before that everything went down the hill since Borat’s movie premiere when Kid called Pam “a whore” in public.

Apparently, that came out as a result of Pam’s too much partying lately. Kid moved from Detroit to L.A. to be with Pam, only to find himself being a babysitter while Pam was being busy partying around L.A.

'Pamela would go out almost every night and end up at [photographer] David LaChapelle’s studio," Rock’s friend says. Kid was home alone with the three kids.'

Another rumour is that Pamela Anderson married Kid Rock with plans to divorce him to get money out of the marriage. Apparently Pam’s plan to get child support by having a Kid Rock baby ended with an unconfirmed miscarriage. That’s another thing that Kid was suspicious about. And while Pam’s rep had this to say about it:

A rep for Anderson said,

'There was an agreement there would be a post-nup, which was being negotiated up until they split. Pam is a wonderful mother, always there for her kids, and has only been to David’s twice since she married. And unfortunately, she absolutely had a miscarriage and only found out she was pregnant a few days before.'

Kid’s friends think this wasn’t the case:

'Kid never saw any proof or heard from her at any time that she was pregnant. She announced she had a miscarriage. He flew to Canada [where she’s shooting "Blonde and Blonder"] to be with her and she went out every night.'