Lindsay Lohan is spoiled

Here is the perfect example of how spoiled celebs can be.

On the set of movie Georgia Rules, Lindsay Lohan had to be completely set and comfy before doing anything. She only wanted pink or purple towels hanging in her trailer. She also insisted her Vitamin Water had to be red or purple and she only wanted strawberry or raspberry multigrain bars. Her granola should come from LA's La Brea Bakery, while her yogurt had to be Dannon and her potato chips Lay's. But the most outrageous demands weren't even on the list – she also insisted on a $20,000 spray tanning booth and a personal masseuse on hand at all times.

"Lindsay hates to look too pale, so this way she was always tanned," a set insider says. "It was a huge expense." Lindsay even wanted the production company, Trust Me, Inc. to supply her vitamins – B12, flaxseed, and One-A-Day multivitamins, as well as Mucinex for her cough and Claritin for her allergies.

Organic Groceries
Wheat Crackers
Soy (low sodium)
Teriyaki sauce
Balsamic vinegar and olive oil
Dr. Hansens (kiwi strawberry)
Vitamin Water (red/purple ones)
Turkey – honey and peppered
Multi-grain bars (strawberry and raspberry)

Sour Patch Kids
See's Chocolates (nuts and chews)
Gatorade (lots, all flavors)
Vanilla and strawberry yogurt – Dannon
Smoothies – Oddwalla and Naked Juice
Pink Lemonade
Grape jelly
Peanut Butter – Skippy reduced fat
Granola (La Brea bakery????)
White bread
Baked Lay's potato chips
Red Bull
Sunflower seeds – nacho cheese, bbq, salsa, jalapeno
Met-Rx bars (assortment)
Cigarettes – Parliament Lights

3-Ring Binder (2', D-rings)
Zipper close
Ash tray

One-A-Day (woman – green bottle)
Mucinex w/ cough depressant
Claritin (little round ones)

Additional Items
Towels (pink/purple only)

Comments anyone?