This is what I don’t get at all. Why is it that every time a new hot guy appears in Hollywood, who happens to be single, is called out to be gay? I’m not starting any rumors here, but can’t help noticing the fact that more and more newspapers, media in general are saying Wentworth Miller could be gay!?

Wentworth Miller in Rash Magazine Wentworth Miller in Rash magazine

I stumbled across this article and had my friend translate it for me and was surprised to read the editor comments saying that Wentworth Miller is gay. Why? Because he’s hot, educated, smart, I mean I just don’t get it?

Then I search the net looking for some answers and noticed this page. Now, as you can see, under the sexual orientation it says: Matter of Dispute. WTF? I got really nervous after seeing Clay Aiken on the same list, but kinda chill out after seeing Tom Cruise as well (the guy IS crazy but definitely NOT gay).

Maybe, after all, these sources are not reliable that much, but still, I’m sure there are lot more to come. Please people accept the fact that Wentworth Miller is NOT GAY! Period!