Josh Hartnett & Scarlett Johansson are back together

Could it be that Scarlett forgot about Josh’s cheating with that New Zealand actress? I still can’t confirm if the rumor is gossip or truth but they’ve both been seen together in numerous occasions.
Sources are reporting that the two have been seen in L.A. on Friday night at TriBeCa restaurant Cercle Rouge, could it be that Scarlett is back in L.A. than?

Sources say,

"They had a meal and got progressively cozier as the night went on. Then they started to make out in full view of the restaurant at their table and didn't really care who saw."


According to the New York Post, Josh showed up solo to a screening of "Children of Men" at TriBeCa Cinemas on Monday, but he was checking his phone and sending text messages throughout the movie. Everybody is speculating he was messaging Scarlett, which can be so far away from the truth at the same time.