Tara Conner drunk

Oh, isn’t this just sad, look at those tears.Glurps Hmmm, what exactly she did to have the privilege to once again represent the USA and help poor people all over the world? Only one thing comes to my mind and it involves Donald Trump y’all.

Here are some details from the crapy press conference that was held a while ago:

‘I wouldn’t say that I’m an alcoholic. I think that would be pushing the envelope,” said Conner, who was known in New York’s nightclub scene for drinking hard, snorting cocaine and hooking up with a long string of men.

The beauty queen said she celebrated her 21st birthday Monday with Diet Coke and iced tea – but Trump said he’ll force her to take regular drug tests.

“I don’t think she’s denying she’s an alcoholic,” said Trump, who owns the Miss USA pageant. “She can be a great example for troubled people – and she’s troubled – for troubled people … that have problems with alcohol.”

Source: Fatback and Collards